The need to express and find common ground with my fellow commoners remains unfulfilled until shared through words.” The Commoner

The mundane trivialities of life, euphoric moments of delight, fleeting sights before my eyes or compelling thoughts which demand to be pondered over through the night. The lingering effect of an incident witnessed or laughter enjoyed over a simple joke. There is an inherent human need to share” 

Urvashi Kumar Trikha writes her internationally popular blog ‘simplyathought.com’ under the pseudonym of ‘The Commoner’. She writes entertaining fiction and inspiring, motivational non-fiction for her readers spread across the world. Calling herself a banker by chance – writer by choice, Urvashi has a master’s Degree in Business Administration and has pursued both banking and teaching professionally. An avid reader and keen traveller, Urvashi draws inspiration from cultures across the world and works for several community causes close to her heart.

“The power of words when written with the intent to entertain, inspire and motivate, have the ability to help both the writer and the reader.”
Urvashi Kumar Trikha aka The Commoner

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