A Cup Of Tea

People around the world get up each morning and look forward to theirย ‘wake me up’ drink. Usually their first drink to kickstart the day ahead. Some have a glass of water, some prefer milk. For a few, something much stronger is needed. I would like to think that most prefer a cup of hot coffee or steaming tea.

I am A Cup of Tea and this is my story.


Having been in existence for centuries, I have evolved over time. My texture, color, taste, temperature, way of serving and time of drinking changes, as I move from one place to another. I am called by so many different names in different languages. I am the drink of choice, a first preference, in some places. In certain parts of the world, I remain one of the many options available, while in some lives I am an absolute necessity. An integral, unmissable part of the days routine. Like your journey, my life story, has many facets too.

There is one thing that has remained unchanged in my life.

My essence to give comfort.


Just like you, I have lovers and haters! Thankfully, the ones who shower me with love, out number those who can’t stand the taste, sight or smell of me. It still hurts but I try to remember that the haters are not completetly at fault here. After all no one ‘likes to hate’ anything or anyone do they? They just haven’t got a chance to know me well. My interaction with them may have been limited or perhaps they have judged me too soon. Their first experience with me fell short of their expectations or may be they were having a bad day at work or home. Sometimes the timing is just wrong and at times nothing that I can do makes them happy but that doesn’t mean either of us is at fault. Haven’t we all reacted that way at some point, towards something or someone. Certain things are best left to the wisdom of time.

Like human relationships, I too need time to grow.

My taste needs to be nurtured, just like love and trust.


Whether its love at first sight or not,

the need to remind each other that,

the relationship is valued,

remains unchanged.

Each time someone brews my leaves, I feel their vibes and emotions coming through to me. I have had more than my fair share of tears mixed inside my boiling water and countless smiles have touched the rim of my cup. I have been cradled in the peaceful hands of monks. Slowly sipped by a wide range of thoughtful, romantic, grieving or wise hands. I have seen the morning sunshine with parents rushing off to work or school drop offs and I have stared at evening sunsets with lovers. Grandparents watching television in the familiar comfort of their homes, enjoy having me with them. I am integral to the tea breaks at office and the impomptu catchup of friends meeting to share their lives. The after meal hot drink that helps someone feel better or the refreshing summer cooler in a child’s favorite flavor.

I understand, that love is all about blending yourย happiness in the joy of others.


All living beings have their moments of sadness, dejection and loneliness. I have them as well. The countless times I am forgotten in the microwave after being heated and then reheated. When I am left to boil over the stove top or excessively brewed to the point of tasting bitter. There are days when I’m washed into the drain without even being tasted. Some mornings there is no time for me and certain evenings a glass of wine is the need of the hour, instead of a sip of me. Yes, I do have my low moments. I do feel unwanted. An air of melancholy surrounds me, insecurity grips me and my heart feels so tired.

In such moments of despair, I hold on to the power of positivity, faith and hope.

I choose to be patient.

I choose to believe.

I choose to love.

hand write open notebook mockup

I have been around long enough to know that we all have our own unique place in numerous lives. We play a multitude of roles, at different moments in time with different people. I need to be the comfort of a friend and the reassurance of a mother. At times, the caress of a lover or the strength of a father. Sometimes, I am the peace of meditation or the concern of a spouse. I am the support of family and the hope that tomorrow will be better. I have come to become so much more to so many.

I am A Cup of Tea and this is not just my story. This is our story.

Urvashi Kumar Trikha

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