“Words, when written with the intent to entertain and motivate, have the ability to enrich both the reader and the writer.” Urvashi Kumar Trikha

“I feel the need to express and find common ground with my fellow commoners and that remains unfulfilled until shared through words. Be it the trivialities of life, moments of delight or compelling thoughts which are pondered over through the night; an incident witnessed or laughter over a simple joke – People have an inherent need to share and I am no different. What I see in the world around me or what I feel within, transforms into stories and quotes written from the heart. Penned down to share with all.”

Urvashi is an expat who currently lives in Dubai with her husband and son. She writes entertaining fiction, inspiring articles and motivational quotes for her readers spread across the world through her internationally popular blog simplyathought.com. Calling herself a Banker by Chance – Writer by Choice, Urvashi has a master’s Degree in Business Administration. She is an avid reader, keen traveller and enthusiastic cook. Urvashi draws inspiration from cultures across the world and works to support community causes close to her heart, particularly those supporting Women’s Education and Welfare.

Urvashi is the Founder of Simply A Thought – The Writers and Artists Collective. It is an initiative founded by her, for the resident community to help promote the love of reading and writing. There is also an added emphasis on encouraging women to share their own unique creative talents with others. The joy of writing and reading, the satisfaction of transforming clay into sculpture, a white canvas into a rainbow, whatever your creativity may be – celebrate it, encourage it, applaud it.” Urvashi