Decoding our Need to Share

WHY do we Share?

Is sharing an inherent human need? Is it essential to communicate our feelings or thoughts with others? Is it a craving for appreciation which drives us to share? Could our need for solace, propel us into expressing our emotions? Do we share to make the heart feel lighter? Is sharing our way of allowing others to know us a little bit more?

I asked myself these questions and continue to figure out the answer but what is as certain as day and night is – The Human Need To Share Exists. 

WHAT do we Share?

We share moments of joy and sadness, words of anger, our confusion, hour of achievement, the we feel and also our memories. The list is endless. What we are doing, what we intend to do or choose not to do – whatever anyone feels like sharing is unique.  It is unique to each person, in accordance to his life, state of mind and his circumstances.

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HOW do we Share?

The medium of sharing that works best for any one person may be totally unsuitable to another. The medium itself may change from situation to situation and time to time. Heartfelt Words written on Letters or Blogs, spoken to someone In Person or on the Phone, through Pictures and Posts on Social Media, through any Creative Art that helps express emotions – We share a part of ourselves in so many unique ways.

Every individual shares a bit of himself with someone in someway. Everyday.

With WHOM do we Share?

In the years gone by, it was only close family and a handful of dear friends with whom one would share, the victories and pitfalls of the day. In turn, one could expect instant feedback in terms of encouragement, joy or sarcasm and envy. Perhaps a good dollop of judgmental banter thrown in as well! With the far reaching, easy access of social media, we no longer need to wait for the right moment to share our lives. We don’t even need to give too much thought while choosing whom we are sharing our life with. Everyone on our Facebook can be part of our birthday joy, Instagram followers can enjoy the music show we saw and through Snapchat many can feel the fun of the twirl we did. Simple!

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The touch of a button and we are able to instantly share our emotions, thoughts and life. Yet, there is a huge difference – Personal VS Impersonal. 

We do feel the need to share, yet we want a degree of privacy and the feel of a personal touch. Everything isn’t really for everyone to know, is it? The moment it is not – we want our mom, best friend, sibling or spouse to be around to listen while we pour our heart out or voice our thoughts. Someone with whom we can share it all. Someone who is like a second skin to us, isn’t judging us, will not exploit the information shared and understands or truly wants to understand. A person who is keenly interested in our well being, and what we feel: Values tremendously what we wish to share. Someone who cares enough to bring back the laughter, wipe the tears and heal the soul.

Are we always fortunate enough to have that someone in our lives? Sometimes yes and sometimes no but either way – THE NEED TO SHARE WILL ALWAYS EXIST.

Urvashi Kumar Trikha

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