WHY do I write, WHAT I write?

People can do the same thing and yet be doing it for completely different reasons. For some, what they do may be a hobby, for others a pressing compulsion, for a few an unavoidable necessity.

For me writing is all three.

I feel compelled to share my world with others and be a tiny part of theirs; I feel it is a necessity for me to transform the simple joys and troubling worries I see around me into words and use those very words to spread happiness and hope; I am stimulated by a hobby that makes me push my boundaries, consumes me and enriches me.

“There is no subject so old that something new cannot be said about it.” Dostoyevsky

simplyathought is my canvas where Feelings, Life, Dreams and Thoughts ~ some as real as you and me and some a mere figment of my wandering imagination, are painted into an entertaining story, an inspiring article or a motivational quote. Drawing from – emotions, reflections and experiences which are a part of our everyday life, writing is my way of celebrating the strength and resilience with which we all go through our journey of life.

Simply A Thought-Urvashi Kumar Trikha-Motivational Articles

The murder mystery I wrote was inspired by a party I attended. There were no murders there. Thankfully! I penned down MOM one winter evening when I particularly needed to feel the warmth of my mothers embrace. I also write about issues which I feel strongly about. These are concerns which worry our society. There are also hushed up topics which need to be acknowledged with urgency, if we intend to set things right for ourselves and for our children. The Butterfly is a peep inside the world of women.


I have chosen to live my life in a quiet way. Perhaps the calmness which I feel by living in a routine, is comforting. It gives me the solitude I need; time without frivolous distractions. Time to ponder. It makes me more sensitive towards the worries Harry has. I feel particularly proud of all that Harry and his wife Tinaaccomplish together as a team. Isn’t a good partnership the basis of a winning team – be it on the sports field or at home? Not to forget, The Homemaker who keeps it all together. How can I not applaud that?

Simply A Thought

Like everybody else, I have had my fair share of ups and downs, however my mothers demise has been the most traumatic experience I have experienced. I am not sure, if the human heart ever completely recovers from the devastation of a deep loss. Influenced by these experiences, I write about the impact, the death of a loved one may have and how important sharing pain with those who care can be. Sharing grief can act like a balm that soothes the stinging pain. The relief may seem momentary; It is not. Sharing helps us to heal.

Motivational Quotes

There is happiness and there is tragedy. Such is life, and in varying degrees we are all surrounded by it. There is no person who can say, that he has remained untouched by joy or sorrow (unless one is perhaps a Saint!). Hence the quotes that I write are my own way of capturing emotions which cross my path everyday. Each word chosen to depict in simple terms, the thought that is the root of the quote.

Do I intend to write a book? Certainly. Do I know what I’m going to write about? Maybe. Is there a time frame I have? Not really. Am I enjoying my writing journey? Absolutely!

“Keep Reading – Keep Growing – Keep Healing” Urvashi Kumar Trikha

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